A Game of Cities – Episode 1

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When you think of smart cities, you think of an emerging market which is extremely important. People are racing around the globe in a competitive environment trying to reach the pinnacle of smart city implementations first. We are going to look at lands in the game of thrones through a smart city lens in the first few episodes.

The North – The North, in general, have cities which seem to be more collaborative and work with the limited resources they have. They lead through servitude as well as hard working nature. They also face a consistent threat in the White Walkers, which they have constructed a great wall to stop. You could consider the wall a firewall, and the White Walkers could be the hackers trying to attack the country any way they can. They seem to die and come back relentlessly. The house of Stark and the Knights of the Watch are really our cybersecurity firms working to defend us from the onslaught.

House of Stark – The house of stark seems to be the greatest, most resilient house of the North. Ned Stark taught his family under careful leadership with lessons taught in every action. He cared for his people and planned to carry on defending his land and people. This thought process and style of city management map more closely to what we would look for in a smart city.

Targaryen  – The worlds strongest and weakest house depending on the time frame. In my mind this house represents the entrepreneurs that are trying to solve the world’s problems through what some may deem as obsessive or even mad. Our start ups will stop at nothing to achieve a better vision for the future.

Kings Landing – Kings landing is the pinnacle of the world. It has the most money and resources available. It does not necessarily have the caring of its citizens in mind which shows throughout its leadership practices. The city itself is beautiful from the outside but rotten at the core. This city above all shows that wealth does not define a smart city but rather the leadership and thought the city puts in to its citizens.

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