Bristol Pushes Past London as the UK’s Leading Smart City

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Smart city ideas are being incorporated into daily operations in more UK cities, and Bristol is leading the pack with innovative projects to improve public safety, sustainability, and more, according to a report from Navigant Research. The report focused on the strategy and execution of 20 leading smart cities in the UK. In last year’s Navigant report, London was the No. 1 smart city. This year, Bristol moved ahead of London to snag the top spot, moving London to the No. 2 position. “The way we have approached it in this report and its predecessor has always been to look at how cities are progressing on the journey to being a Smart City. So it wasn’t an attempt to work out the city that has got the best transport or the city that has got the best healthcare or any of those metrics because that is a different type of assessment and tends to favor those that are already well established with good infrastructure,” said Eric Woods, research director with Navigant.

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