Our Story

This is not a typical company story.

Jon Salisbury and Russ Middleton (Co-Founders) learned of the tremendous digital divide that existed with underprivileged youth in the city of Newport, Kentucky. After learning of this gap in information access they created SmartLINK with the mission to solve this issue. Jon and Russ were able to gather insights into major gaps in the traditional city infrastructure process around connectivity and intelligence. They worked countless hours with local companies, city officials and schools to create an award winning solution.

Through this experience SmartLINK built the smart city platform to power smart cities utilizing engagement, messaging, security and intelligence with next generation infrastructure solutions featuring smart city kiosk as well as smartBoxes.

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We innovate fast with industry leading solutions

January 2017

Within the 1st year in design and development our team launched the 1st Generation “proof of concept” successfully launched along with our city WiFi project completion for Newport.

The 3rd generation, industry leading SmartKiosk was successfully launched 6 months after the launch of the 2nd Generation.

January 2018

November 2017

Our 2nd Generation SmartKiosk was launched with vastly improved capabilities, features and benefits to the community.

Why SmartLINK?

The Next Generation of Smart Communities

SmartLINK’s next generation hardware and software platform communicates, interacts with and protects environments.

SmartLINK lays the foundation for deeper community engagement and connectivity. We provide communities with “last mile” insights that dive deeper into citizen engagement, needs and wants.

Free Public Wifi

Public Safety

Aggregated Community Data

Responsive Content Management

Remote IoT Device Management

Next Generation Analytics


Advanced Wayfinding

Community Alerts

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