Outdoor Advertising Kiosk Interactive New Classification “Outdoor Social”

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Malls and Other campus environments are fighting the digital age. They have a major fight on their hands as consumers are used to getting what they want when they want without having to put thought into the process. Online providers of service collect tremendous amounts of data on the consumers they interact with and then stay connected with them forming a stickiness which I will call community. A community is powerful and allows for people to feel connected to the overarching goal, campus, service, or social environment. People traditionally think of Malls as places to purchase goods. They are evolving today to be entertainment, community and retail spaces allowing for people of different cultures to melt together. With premium real estate under control, the gold mine of information is now the future for our central community hubs. Community Interactive – Hollywood and Highlands So how where is this happening? Cities Smart city projects are being fully funded off of smart city kiosks. Smart cities need foundational connectivity and information gathering to ensure future projects outcomes have a baseline to be measured off of. These kiosks allow for WIFI, advanced way-finding, audio and video analytics along with advertisements. University Campuses Universities are solving the hard to navigate campuses with the same kiosk solutions allowing for wayfinding and connectivity options that just weren’t available a few years ago. The consumer campus “Malls” These campuses are where people come to shop and hang out. I show a picture of Hollywood and Highlands above which is a perfect example of a place people come to meet, connect, shop and play. How does the kiosk of the future differ from the kiosk of yesterday? The new kiosks work just like Facebook. Have you ever noticed how Facebook news feeds will populate ads based on who you are? You will start seeing advertisements based on what you are looking for on the internet or more meaningful ads based on what you do for a living. These ads stop being annoying and actually start becoming useful. This is out the outdoor media will work in the future with companies like smartLINK changing the space to be known as “Outdoor Social”. Think of the screens on a kiosk as a Facebook wall that is personalized for you. Imagine walking towards a destination and being given a value-added advertisement which helped you with your decision making process. This is value driven advertisement… Not the static advertisement you say in the past. With this solution, the physical space gets connected to its community digitally and can now reach out even when people are no longer physically at the location. This means they are creating a community both digitally and physically just like the online retailers. Read more about digital signage and wayfinding here: http://www.smartlink.city/digital-signage-wayfinding/

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