Bridging the digital and physical divide with the worlds first SmartKiosk

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Exploring a venue, city or community has never been more fun.

When we built the worlds first SmartKiosk we made it our mission to challenge the status quo. Our SmartKiosk’s are more than a screen and simple wayfinding. They are intentionally built to deliver more features and benefits than anyone in the industry. The SmartKiosk is second to none.

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Our SmartKiosk packs a serious punch,
here are a few of the features:

Video, Environmental, Ultrasonic and Lidar sensors

24x7x365 support

Multi-gensture Touch Screen

Two 4k Photo-booth Cameras

We offer creative and fun ways to engage your users

Advanced analytics

Fast cellphone charging station

SmartLink Cloud Control Panel

Free Wifi & Analytics

Emergency Calling

Solid State AC Unit



Advanced Way Finding

Blue Lights

Small Cell

Know your environment, only with the SmartKiosk

The SmartKiosk comes with numerous, industry leading sensors so you are able to analyze and know your surroundings at a deeper level.

  • Environmental Sensors: Scan local environment for particulate matter, gases, barometric pressure, temperature.
  • Video Sensors: 4 cameras on each kiosk which provide data on gender, age, mood, direction, speed, object types, counting people, counting cars, and much more.
  • Ultrasonic Sensors: Ultrasonic is sonar technology using microphones and sound analytics. We can perform analysis on background sound data.
  • Lidar:  Lidar is used to perform 360 degree laser scans which shows an extremely detailed map of the kiosk as well as 300 ft of the surrounding area.

Let’s talk about how the worlds leading SmartKiosk can help your initiative.