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Digital Signage Software is evolving



  • What is a CMS (Digital Signage Management System)? Content management systems are software applications that support the creation and modification of digital content. A CMS can serve as an interface so multiple users can work collaboratively.   This ultimately is a place to manage your digital signage inventory and digital assets for scheduling.


  • What is a next generation CMS (Digital Signage Management System)?  Having a CMS that manages ads or content and schedules them is just so simple.   Doing this with a cloud service, wayfinding, microservices and next-generation players is the future.   Add in programmatic advertising on an exchange and you taking steps toward what is next. Add in IoT and integrations with mobile and upgrade your programmatic to pure digital and you have achieved next generation CMS.  
  • What are the key features?
      1. Scheduling
      2. Designing
      3. Touch
      4. Analytics
      5. Visualization
      6. Integrations
      7. Intelligence


  • Feature Comparison (Current vs next gen CMS “smartLINK”)


The market smartLINK
Scheduling Program (Steep learning curve) O
Creator / designer (Overly complex – difficult to manage) O
Interactive capabilities? O
Programmatic with outdoor exchange O
Programmatic with digital exchanges O
Over 75 Integrations / Apps?
Fully API Driven O
Next Generation Player O
Multi Cloud SAAS O
Advanced Analytics O


  • Problems:
      1. There are not enough touch first CMS applications on the market.
      2. There are not enough analytics focused CMS applications on the market.
      3. So many of the touch-first CMS applications are overly complex in that they provide a blank canvas to create 100’s of layers for your application and then a litany of features on each layer/object.   This turns into a spaghetti mess and makes for problematic distribution and lackluster continued performance.
      4. Most of the market is sticking to static digital signage and just focus on scheduling.  These vendors are approaching touch in a complex way as well meaning they will be problematic.   Touch is required for a digital experience and that is why we are taking over this market.


  • What makes us better
      1. We provide a ton of technology but make it simple to use.   Simplicity is literally our number 1 goal. You can create unique and beautiful interfaces with easy UI.  Customer first solutions with ongoing improvements in the application weekly.
      2. Faster speeds with easier management on the most stable environment.


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