WVXU – Smart City Greater Cincinnati City – Newport Kentucky

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WVXU – Smart City Greater Cincinnati City – Newport Kentucky http://wvxu.org/post/how-newport-becoming-first-smart-city-area#stream/0

The City of Newport is about to become the first Smart City in the Midwest. SmartLINK and a group of local companies and organizations is partnering on the project, designed to improve the quality of life in Newport through the use of cutting-edge digital, communications and design technologies. To create the Smart City, hi-tech nodes will be located throughout the city, interconnected via fiber-optics. The nodes will provide emergency calling capabilities, WiFi internet access, outdoor displays, data analytic devices and USB charging outlets. Joining us to discuss the Smart City project are Assistant to the City Manager of Newport, Larisa Sims; Nexigen Inc. CEO Jon Salisbury; and Founder and CEO of Beast Carbon, Trevor Holekamp.

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