Create new experiences with the worlds most advanced SmartKiosk

“I was in awe with the smartKiosk’s ease of use, responsiveness, and features.”

“This beauty is a beast! The SmartLink team left nothing to chance when designing the industries only smartKiosk.”

“When I first experienced their kiosk I felt like I just reached out and touched the future.”

“The 75inch screen is massive, engaging and bright. It’s hard to look away.”


Endless Possibilities for Your Community, City or Venue.

At SmartLink we are challenging the status quo through innovation without compromise. We are first and foremost a technology company that creatively connects the digital and physical worlds. Because of this we are able to approach your community, city or venues differently than our competition. We are able to solve core venue problems using cutting-edge technology without having to make compromises.

SmartLink brings manufacturing, hardware technology along with software development into mixed environments. With our ability to get feedback from the hardware and manufacturing teams we can prototype new solutions, services, and design elements quickly. This increases our innovative ability to produce next generation technology platforms.

We’d love to hear more about your community, city or venue project.


Each community, city and venue is different. Together we create the smartest on the planet.

Cutting-edge technology with one purpose: Creating deeper and more immersive experiences.

Video, Environmental, Ultrasonic and Lidar sensors.

Our platform is fully managed with 24x7x365 support.

We offer creative and fun ways to engage your users.

Advanced analytics and dashboards to gain deeper insights.

Innovative Solutions built for community impact.

Cutting Edge Technologies are built in all of our solutions.

Community Partnership is the core of our solutions.

Agile Methodologies are used to rapidly learn and adapt.

We are redefining what is possible for smart cities, communities and venues through cutting edge technology.

Ready to build something amazing?