How smartLINK is disrupting the OOH Business Model

Jon Salisbury Uncategorized

Normally there has been 3 players in the OOH (Out-of-home advertising)  business.

  1. SAAS – Content Management Service which allows for a portal to upload content and then have that content pushed to computers attached to digital displays.
  2. Kiosk or Display Manufacturers – These groups create the hardware platform that is resilient outdoors in any weather conditions.
  3. Advertising Brokers – These are the firms who sell advertising on the kiosk and digital displays.

So where does smartLINK fit in this model?  It doesn’t.  It simply breaks it down and allows for everyone to play together.

smartLINK has created the worlds first integrated SAAS which is cloud first, html5 first solution which integrates with the digital advertising exchanges and the OOH exchanges all through the power of IOT and our integrated intelligence platform.

By understanding that engagement is so much more powerful than passive impressions we have learned through metrics where we will simply dominate all of our competitors.  We did this from the ground up through solid planning.

We are preferred by manufacturers for driving engagement and content, we are preferred by advertisers because we bring them more revenue, we are preferred by clients because we focus on those problem sets to ensure our platform is designed for the end user.   We also work closely with other industry partners which allow us to have the best of breed wayfinding, news, traffic / transit or even games available for citizens or shoppers.  We took what Apple did in mobile and are bringing it to the OOH space.


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