Rise of the New OS – Digital Signage – Re-imagined, Simplified, and Engaged

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Digital Signage – Re-imagined, Simplified, and Engaged

Digital Signage
The world of Printed signs is gone.  Content is constantly needing to be refreshed and hiring someone to repaint or print something is costly and slow.   Digital signage is not just about having an Ethernet cord connected to your TV.   Its about dynamic integrations to help content flow in a more meaningful and engaging way.

When you take top level technologists in ad tech, infrastructure, and product and show them the digital signage world you get something new.   We are excited to announce the brand new Full stack “WOW” fully integrated simplified SKY OS!  We have integrated IoT for measurement on levels no one else has considered in the Out of Home industry. We provide scheduling services with smart assistance through AI which simplifies the ad scheduling / content campaign process. Our development team has created deep integrations with leading vendors which allow for dynamic content, rich data sets and multi cloud solution. In addition, we utilize hardware platforms that provide stability and dynamic engagement which simply did not exist before our platform with infinite touch and high performance.

We went through very complex problem sets and difficult user stories from multiple lens.  This led our team to design the most flexible digital content management system available.  We knew from our user stories that managing these systems is an annoyance and hindrance to production.  That led us to simplifying every single stage of management.  We turned 40 clicks in 4 – we took design and made it easy.   We have dynamic stock piles of content and we have wonderful users who can SIMPLY deploy content faster than ever!

Our software was born to be interactive.  We built an OS which is edge based and multi cloud based or (SKY BASED).   This allows us to treat the edge in a whole new way and let our customers who visit our digital signage interactive solutions leave with a “WOW” response almost every time.  We loves our customers that engage, our clients who run cities, and our clients who have mixed use facilities, health care facilities, and campuses.

If you are interested, contact us here.

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